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Making a Differance

About Us

Making a Difference

Our Vision

To educate, empower and enable students through schools to participate positively in making a difference on climate change. By interlinking Students and Communities to promote the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Mission

Plant and Grow for Tomorrow  is to:
• Help educate students, communities and society on Climate Change
• Empowering Students to tackle Climate change.
• Enabling students to participate in society to reverse climate change.
• Help communities develop deeper connections with schools.
• Help local community groups have a larger platform to discuss the SDG's and promote them.


Our Values

  1. Respect – As an organisation, we cherish our interconnectedness as individuals,  communities and members of our global village. Each individual, each element is as important as the collective whole.

  2. Health and Wellness – Because we are interconnected to one another and we value the individual, our focus is on the health and wellness of others and our planet. We believe in a preventive, proactive and compassionate approach to better health so we are all able to fully participate in our communities.

  3. Power of Giving – We believe in the power of generosity and kindness as a way to improve peoples’ lives and the communities we live in.

  4. Collaboration – We support other organisations to deliver our programs that multiply our impact in communities.

  5. Integrity – We are accountable and transparent in the work that we do in the communities.


Together we can make a difference.

Tree Lined Park

 Plant & Grow for Tomorrow

Making a Differance

Making A Difference


Sustainable Development Goals

Help the World,

We promote the wellbeing and education of students through our program. We are and will be issuing constant positive actions (call to action) messages being sent to students through the schools. Students are very aware of climate change but they feel helpless to effect change. This program is designed to empower them to make the difference and know they can change the world through positive actions. The Sustainable Development Goals are the backbone of the program and to promote positive actions. The planting of the tree is engaging Students to participate and then progress. 


"Well structured and.engaging program"

Principal Michael Finn of Gorey Community School

P.jpgrincipal Michael Finn G.C.S..jpg
Vegetable Picking

Developing  Partnerships

Conneting people

During the program rollout, we partner with local groups in and around each Schools increasing the impact of the program and giving communities the understanding and ownership of the program. Community Development groups, Voluntary groups and organisations, Sports Groups, Charity groups are our link to communities. Communities help schools where students don't have a garden to plant a tree. We partner with the groups and they find the space in the community to plant the tree. With Students, Principals, Teachers, Community groups, Sports organisations etc.

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